Sep 022013

On Sunday, August 25th (coincidentally our 11th wedding anniversary), we headed out towards Hershey, PA to meet up with family for a few days worth of fun that centered around Hershey Park.  However, Anna found this little sports park not too far away in Carlisle, PA called the Sports Emporium and interestingly, Ryder is old/big enough to DRIVE their go-karts. Woohoo!!

We had so much fun, we went back on Tuesday on our way home.  Our nieces decided to join us.  So the four kids get in their karts, and as they’re leaving the parked area, all 4 spin their rear tires and have to do a bit of opposite lock to keep straight.  At the first corner, two kids spin completely out and the others just barely make it around the turn by lifting off the throttle.  This looks awesome!!!  So I ask the attendant why the track is so slippery and he explains that on Monday they “powdered the track”.    Oooooooooooooooh.

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