Sep 012013

I can’t possibly say enough good things about Exceptional TaeKwonDo’s Summer Camp. ¬†From how much my boys love it, to how well the other campers took care of and watched after my little guy, I’m forever grateful. ¬†Here are a few of the pics I took on belt day:

  One Response to “Tyler and Ryder Get New Belts”

  1. We are so blessed to have such a great group of kids and counselors each summer. It is always a happy time when I receive the email or phone call knowing the Ng’s are registering for camp..This Summer having Ryder was an additional blessing…cannot wait to have them on the Mats again…The pictures and the comments are awesome…in love you must do what you love of love what you do it is the recipe for success and happiness..

    Master E

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